A highly selective admissions rate means Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s athletes represent excellence on the field, on the court, in the classroom and in life.

Notre Dame ranks at or near the very top on graduation rates, academic All-Americans, players in the pros, national championships and winning percentages.

The power of the Notre Dame-Saint Mary’s fan base is second-to-none and one of the world’s largest and loyal communities.

When you partner with a Notre Dame-Saint Mary’s student-athlete you harness the strengths of young people with character and confidence – they are values-based, deeply inquisitive and intensely driven to serve others as a force for good.

A dramatically distinctive purpose sets us apart – every deal done on Golden Touch helps support Golden Minds, our online community to help athletes prioritize mental wellness.

You’ll be proud to have them as your brand ambassador, fundraiser host, or Instagram influencer to large audiences of consumers or an Irish or Belle fan in your life.